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Sampledata generation for plone sites

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Sampledata generation for plone sites

21.12.2010 in PlanetPlonePloneCMS
see how wm.sampledata can help you finishing your plone project easier

Sampledata generation for plone sites

Screenshot of wm.sampledata with the example plugin enabled

Consistent and useful sampledata is crucial when implementing a CMS application in a distributed team.
Developers and designers should have the same content for testing and implementing new views and layouts.

In the past we've been sharing complete Data.fs files or zexp Exports (via a samba share - or even worse: email ;-).
Later we started to implement some methods that generate the front-page, news items, portlets and the like.
Skin developers called those methods using different views such as plone/@@basic-content or plone/@@sampledata?news=1 and needed to remember which parameters to use.

With wm.sampledata there is an easy to use interface (see screenshot) that list all available sampledata plugins with a short description what they are doing.

You can easily create and register your own plugins (see wm.sampledata.example for more information) and use the utility methods provided by the utils module (workflow, portlet, filehandling, etc)

There are some existing packages related to sampledata generation which i tried to relate to this one on the project page.

Feedback welcome: I'm happy to hear what you guys are using and what you think about wm.sampledata.

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