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Englischsprachige News zum Thema Plone die auch auf veröffentlicht werden.

Encrypt your Plone Database

03.05.2016 in PlanetPlone

Encrypt your Plone Database Detailed explanation on how to use cipher.encryptingstorage to encrypt your Data.fs and blobstorage directory.

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How to run Plone coredev test locally and quietly

09.03.2015 in PlanetPlone

Running bin/alltests opens a firefox window now and then for every robot-test. These tend to get into your way when writing emails or working on other stuff while running test. Here is how to get rid of those:

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Image cropping for everyone!

05.11.2012 in PlanetPlone

Image cropping for everyone! We just released alpha so people interested in image cropping in plone can give it a try. Please comment and tell us what you think about it, add tickets / feature requests to the github tracker or even better: start contributing!

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Unit test setup for plone 4

31.03.2011 in PlanetPlone

Yesterday I spent hours trying to fix the setup of my unittests after upgrading to plone4. As usual, the solution was very trivial though hard to find.

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Sampledata generation for plone sites

21.12.2010 in PlanetPlonePloneCMS

Sampledata generation for plone sites see how wm.sampledata can help you finishing your plone project easier

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